Monday, June 22, 2009


Birthday's are very interesting, What do we really what for our birthday's anyway? Another gray hair that will be harder to "deep condition". Another ache and pain somewhere. World peace, that would be nice. Nope, Family & friends around. This year Larry and I went out with Michelle & Bart McCoard to have dinner at The Rib City, to have the best Ribs I have ever tasted. Then they treated us to see "UP" the new pixar movie. What a great time we had. It helped me forget for about three hours some of the rest of our life. Haaaaa Friends! They are the best.
The next day for Father's day & my birthday Amber & Jennifer made us a nice dinner of Fish, roasted potatoes, Salad,& other good stuff. Yum all good food with the best family around.
Today I found out one of my favorite clients died Friday. I had just seen her Thursday, She was so happy to be out of the hospital and to have some family coming Tuesday. I will miss this wonderful Lady. So I guess bring on the aches & pains and the gray hair. and always pray for world peace. I hope I will have as many friends and family around and be love as this women was.

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